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The first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both south and north sides

ClipArt_quote_startOur children did very well indeed.ClipArt_quote_end Expedition Patron President Nelson Mandela

Inspirational speaker, adventurer and author.

Cathy O’Dowd’s presentations combine adventure, drama, failure and success, sharing with you lessons learnt from one of the world’s most spectacular challenges: Everest.

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  • When I met Nelson Mandela 01/20/2014“I know you are going to succeed.” The thing about camp two on Everest – at least back in the day when there were only 11 teams up there rather than 50 – is that it is a pretty boring place to hang out. There not a lot to do, or to see. We, as members of ...
  • My first 100km trail race: UTSM 2013 11/01/2013I set as my goals for this summer renovating my terrace and working up to ultra-distance trail racing. Two weeks ago I completed my first 100km race and in doing so more than achieved my goal (and the terrace looks good too). Following are some reflections on that 100km race, the Ultra Trail Serra Montsant ...
  • Mountain running, because why not? 07/30/2013I’m spending this summer doing something I’d intended to do last summer, until I got sidetracked by the Nanga Parbat Mazeno ridge expedition. Working my way up to doing some ultra-distance mountains runs. I’ve hated running all my adult life and only got into this as a way to stay fit for ski-touring in the ...

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