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I love ebooks. The idea that I can disappear for a week-long ski-tour or a two-month long Himalayan expedition and just tuck a Kindle into my rucksack, a device the size of a paperback that can contain a 1000 books, one for every mood and every occasion, recharged infrequently thanks to a solar panel and […]

Back at the end of the 1990s I wrote up the story of my three Everest expeditions and two summits, firmly convinced that I was closing the door on that chapter of my life. I called the book Just For The Love Of It (being heartily sick of books titled The Death Zone or Killer […]

News that a group of Sherpas attacked three climbers, two of who are current international superstars in the mountaineering world, began to wash across my FaceBook feed yesterday and the flood shows little sign of easing today. Simone Moro and Ulli Steck hoped to attempt something – it is not entirely clear what as they’ve […]

The dream: to attempt of new route on the world’s highest mountain in the 50th year of its first ascent. Our team of four, Ian Woodall, Cathy O’Dowd, Ang Geljen Sherpa and Padam Magar, left Kathmandu on Sunday 6 April 2003, to begin the journey to the foot of the east face of Everest. We […]