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I love ebooks. The idea that I can disappear for a week-long ski-tour or a two-month long Himalayan expedition and just tuck a Kindle into my rucksack, a device the size of a paperback that can contain a 1000 books, one for every mood and every occasion, recharged infrequently thanks to a solar panel and […]

All the footage was taken on the Everest 1999 expedition, the mountain footage shot by Cathy O’Dowd with base camp and advanced base camp footage by Jan Horn. Jan Horn filming at base camp * Cathy O’Dowd filming at 7000 metres The summit day: 29 May 1999 Life at 7600 metres – camp 2 on […]

This article appeared in edited form in the Mountain Club of South Africa Journal 1999. 24 May 1998 We had been climbing since 2.30 a.m., picking our way up the rock-and-snow slopes of the north face of Everest, the six tiny yellow bubble of our headtorches the only light in a coal-black night. The dawn […]

Cathy O’Dowd and Ian Woodall flew out from Johannesburg on 17 April. The rest of April was spent in mountain training in Nepal, and in expedition preparation in Kathmandu. There Cathy and lan linked up with the rest of their team summit climbers Jangbu Sherpa and Pemba Tenging Sherpa, ABC cook and support climber Phuri […]

The Mr Price Himalayan Challenge Everest Expedition was the second South African team to attempt the North Ridge of Everest. Another South African team had reached 7400 metres in autumn 1996. This attempt was made in spring of 1998. The team was led by Ian Woodall, with Cathy O’Dowd, Pemba Sherpa, Jangbu Sherpa and Lhakpa […]