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Late last year I met with 18 of the 25 South Africans who have summited Everest since I made the 1st South African ascent on 25 May 1996, plus two non-SA summiteers now living in the country. We were guests at a gala dinner organised by summiteer Vaughan de la Harpe to raise funds for […]

I am giving a talk in London on 26 January at 18.30 as a fundraiser for the Wild Swans programme, which is run by the Wilderness Foundation. Sign up on their website. The Wild Swans Programme places 36 young women over the next three years, from the UK, Ireland and South Africa, on a remarkable […]

I climbed Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, in January of 1996. I was one of 200 women who had applied for one open place on the 1st South African Everest Expedition and Kili was the selection mountain where one woman would be chosen from a short-list of six. The following is from the first […]

The following is an extract of my book, Just for the love of it, which tells the story of my first three expeditions to Everest, of which the First South African Everest Expedition was the first. Our small team was sitting on the South Col, at 8000 metres, having decided to wait 24 hours before […]

This letter, addressed to Ian Woodall, is transcribed below. RESOLUTION I have the honour to notify you that the National Assembly on 30 May 1996 adopted the following Resolution: That the House (1) recognises that there is nothing more terrifying and awe-inspiring than human beings pitting themselves against Nature at its harshest extremities, in its […]