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“No climber ever expects to be in this position. When I was planning Lhotse, the word “earthquake” never entered my mind.” From Alan Arnette’s blog. I’ve been on Everest four times, and on Lhotse once. During all those expeditions, the risk of earthquake never once occurred to me or my companions. I’m not sure what […]

The following is an extract of my book, Just for the love of it, which tells the story of my first three expeditions to Everest, of which the First South African Everest Expedition was the first. Our small team was sitting on the South Col, at 8000 metres, having decided to wait 24 hours before […]

The following article was written in response to criticism that I had not covered the death of Bruce Herrod (on our 1996 Everest expedition) in the article that was published in the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) Journal 1996. I have had many times to try and explain how mountaineers can accept the possibility […]

In January of 1992 I was sharing a flat in London with Stephen Kelsey, Graham Wittaker and his girlfriend Carolyn. On the wall of our room I found a poem that struck a cord with me, and I made a copy which I have kept ever since. It was a poem written by Mike Thexton […]

An interview I did for a Spanish corporate client. 1. You manage to juggle two different jobs – the one of alpinist and the one of conference speaker. Which one is more difficult to handle? While being an alpinist is certainly more dangerous, being a conference speaker can be considerably more intimidating! I love doing […]