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One Key Way Communication Breaks Down In Teams and What You Can Do About It A year ago I reached the summit of Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada. The most important lesson I learnt from that expedition was the vital importance of clear communication within a team. “I know you think you understand […]

10 steps to positive focus in work and life. I’m delighted to present the first in a monthly series of blog posts, written in collaboration with Sarah Fenwick, record-setting extreme sportswoman, Chartered Sport Psychologist, Master Executive Coach, and leadership consultant to corporates and adventurers. We will be exploring the psychology behind some of the lessons we […]

A team of five, a week to prepare – the goal: to ascend and ski the second highest peak in the Alps! Now the only thing that lay between failure and success was ourselves…. Or not.

While I am very much a believer in planning and preparation, the fact remains that the adventures I enjoy most are often the ones that unfold spontaneously. I’ve just returned from a perfect example of that and the satisfaction is enormous. On Sunday Pär and I were clattering down the icy slopes of Pic Peyreguils […]

THE PLAN: A six day hut tour in the Swiss Valais from St Luc to Ferpecle. This is a spectacular corner of the Alps with highlights including an ascent of the Bishorn (4153m), and skiing below the Weisshorn and the Dent Blanche. I had done this tour the previous year in brilliant conditions and hoped […]