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I set as my goals for this summer renovating my terrace and working up to ultra-distance trail racing. Two weeks ago I completed my first 100km race and in doing so more than achieved my goal (and the terrace looks good too). Following are some reflections on that 100km race, the Ultra Trail Serra Montsant […]

I’m spending this summer doing something I’d intended to do last summer, until I got sidetracked by the Nanga Parbat Mazeno ridge expedition. Working my way up to doing some ultra-distance mountains runs. I’ve hated running all my adult life and only got into this as a way to stay fit for ski-touring in the […]

Water cascaded down the path faster than my tired legs could follow it. Rain was lashing from the side, driven by gusting winds, crossing Serra Montsant in squalls with just enough time between them to let you get half dry before the next wall of water struck. I had both a thermal top and a […]