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Key moments in the journey of life. Looking back at the course of a lifetime, there are certain moments where, if you’d made a different choice, you’d be living a completely different life. Given how experiences shape character, you’d probably be a different person. It’s twenty years since I became the first South African to […]

“No climber ever expects to be in this position. When I was planning Lhotse, the word “earthquake” never entered my mind.” From Alan Arnette’s blog. I’ve been on Everest four times, and on Lhotse once. During all those expeditions, the risk of earthquake never once occurred to me or my companions. I’m not sure what […]

News that a group of Sherpas attacked three climbers, two of who are current international superstars in the mountaineering world, began to wash across my FaceBook feed yesterday and the flood shows little sign of easing today. Simone Moro and Ulli Steck hoped to attempt something – it is not entirely clear what as they’ve […]

All the footage was taken on the Everest 1999 expedition, the mountain footage shot by Cathy O’Dowd with base camp and advanced base camp footage by Jan Horn. Jan Horn filming at base camp * Cathy O’Dowd filming at 7000 metres The summit day: 29 May 1999 Life at 7600 metres – camp 2 on […]

The dream: to attempt of new route on the world’s highest mountain in the 50th year of its first ascent. Our team of four, Ian Woodall, Cathy O’Dowd, Ang Geljen Sherpa and Padam Magar, left Kathmandu on Sunday 6 April 2003, to begin the journey to the foot of the east face of Everest. We […]