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Cathy was our Keynote speaker at the 2019 Sales Kickoff with almost 400 people in Dublin. Cathy is not only an inspiring, motivating speaker, but also a very professional, kind and insightful person. She captured audience’s attention, created engagement and the feedback was great!

– Natasha Arvinte-Hickey, Training & Development Strategist

We were fortunate to have Cathy as a keynote speaker for our 2018 Client Forum. Cathy delivered an impactful and compelling talk on the challenges of climbing, paying particular attention to weave in elements that were meaningful to the audience.

Her speaking style is natural and she “connects” with the audience in both tone and content. Her story is fascinating and leaves the audience wondering ‘what’s next.’  There are so many parallels to Cathy’s talk that resonate with the world of business – risk assessment, decision making, leadership, initiative…just to name a few.

– Brett Elzinga, Regional Vice President at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Cathy was the key note speaker at our annual convention in December 2017 and I have to say she was outstanding. Rarely do we find someone with so many fascinating experiences that captivates as she does. Cathy has a rare talent of associating her achievements with ones own business challenges and is sensitive and professional enough to allow the audience to draw their own conclusions from the discussion. Brilliant!

– James Foice, CEO at The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers

We received nothing but rave reviews from Cathy’s guest speaker presentation in Amsterdam. As a conference producer I have hired hundreds of guest speakers and I found that Cathy is one of the few that is able to tie her amazing climbing experiences tangibly back to business management and strategy. She was a wonderful addition to our program.

– Sara Mueller, Executive Program Director at Field Service Events

Cathy was the personal Development speaker at our European Retail Forum 2018. Cathy’s professionalism was first class not only at the event but also in the build up to the event.  I would strongly recommend Cathy as a professional speaker.

– John O’Connor, Management Events

Cathy gave a fascinating account of her challenges when she climbed Everest, giving insight into selecting teams, building teams and having those uncomfortable conversations with a team when things are clearly going wrong: all challenges we face as project managers, though not at -30°C and 25,000 ft! I recommend getting the chance to hear Cathy.

– Matthew Henry, Senior Project Manager at Arup & Infrastructure Strategic Alliance

I met Cathy at the International Hotel Investment Forum 2018, as she closed out our conference as our inspirational keynote speaker. Cathy is engaging, authentic, spirited and was able to completely capture the attention of everyone in the room (2,000 senior level hospitality executives) and offer a compelling story but more importantly, tactical advice for better navigation of the unexpected.

Leading up to the event, as Marketing Director, my role is to drive event awareness and Cathy was so easy to work with in helping to create some engaging teaser campaigns that helped us generate more traffic to our site.

– Alex Aldridge, Marketing Director Questex

Cathy was a keynote speaker at two of our international conferences – LEAP Summit where she gave a keynote speech in front of 1,000+ people and Adriatic Innovation Island – the conference for executives and managers. Every year we host more than 200 speakers at our events, and I can say that Cathy is definitely in top 5 speakers we ever had!

The inspiration she brings to the stage is unforgettable and I would definitely recommend Cathy to all people looking for the amazing speaker who will bring great added value to the event!

– Andrej Hanzir, Head of Innovation & Projects

I cannot remember the last time I was so impressed by a speaker who had such strong, relevant and inspiring messages. I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy to anyone who wants to inspire their team to know what it means to lead in the most hostile environments, how to make difficult decisions and have these messages delivered with such conviction and humility.

– David McNeill, Global Corporate Sales at Enterprise Holdings

Cathy exceeded our expectations! Not only did she tell a great story of personal endeavour in harsh conditions but she left us with lessons that apply to us all – not just in our personal lives but in our projects and our daily work – how communication is vital, why you need to keep re-evaluating the plan, and how the smallest things can de-rail you.

The content of Cathy’s presentation was spot on and her delivery was the best I have ever seen.

– Manon Bradley, Development Director at Major Projects Association

Cathy is an incredible speaker. Her presentation draws on her mountaineering experience and delivers messages that are relevant to any business environment: team work, strategic thinking, leadership, learning from mistakes etc. She delivers her talk in a very engaging way, and really inspired our audience of senior investors and executives. She was also great to work with in the lead-up to the event when discussing the format, content and objectives of the talk, and on social media.

– Julie Rey-Gore, Content Director Questex

I booked Cathy to be the keone guest speaker at the Sutton United Business Club. She succeeded mine and all the delegate’s expectations.  The way Cathy delivered her inspirational story whilst putting a business twist on many points about decision making, team-work, diversity and recognition was fascinating. I cannot recommend Cathy enough.

– Jeremy Ramsden, Sports Marketing & Media Professional

I have closely worked with Cathy in the preparation of the UNWTO 3rd Euro-Asian Mountain Resorts Conference. Prior to the conference she acted as the link between the speakers and the UNWTO Secretariat and made sure that the different presentations by the experts/speakers covered the topics of each session. She also took care of the moderation of the session.

Thanks to her good management we did not face any time management issues. Cathy has added with her professionalism value to the sessions and her role as the moderator was key to success for the conference.

– Sascha Stange, Tourism Expert

Cathy joined the speaker lineup for the World Extreme Medicine Conference. Cathy’s input, gravitas and depth of knowledge concerning the human condition whilst operating in extremis was invaluable and added a great deal to the gathering.

– Mark Hannaford, World Extreme Medicine

Cathy gave an outstanding presentation at the ProcureCon HR conference in Amsterdam. Full of energy and passion for good leadership and team work it really energised the room and put a smile on delegates’ faces that day and the next. I would not hesitate to invite Cathy back to another senior executive conference in this or any sector. Thanks for all the inspiration!

– Tom Webber, Director at WBR (Worldwide Business Research)

Fantastic, powerful and most important very useful presentation on how to overcome the biggest struggles. Make a plan, execute and stick to it – the will to succeed. Cathy is a true motivator!

– Christian Vigh, Country Sales Manager at Carestream Health Denmark

Cathy was asked to speak to the Major Projects Association  Annual Dinner 2017. It was an amazing story, beautifully told. Highly recommended speaker drawing on comparisons with project management, encompassing communication and leadership similarities.

– Maggie Latham, Events Manager at Major Projects Association

Cathy is an exceptional inspirational key note speaker. Her story what it takes to climb Mount Everest from a team and management perspective is compelling and the key messages upmost relevant. “Get rid of Hippie Racers” and “Ask the Sherpas” became immediately part of our management language… Very powerful!

– Stephan Schulz, CFO at Hartmann Group

Cathy participated as keynote speaker in our Leadership Development Program (LDP). As an inspirational storyteller she got her messages easily across. Surprisingly for our LDP participants quite some parallels showed up which were discussed even long after the speech. This was a great & inspiring addition to our program.

– Andreas Laemmlein, HR Director at Hartmann Group

I had the pleasure to listen to Cathy about 10 years ago – she gave a presentation at an executive event at Wolters Kluwer. Until today, this is still the most inspiring speech I ever listened to. I still use her example to motivate people to work as a team.

Holger Zscheyge
– Holger Zscheyge, MD at Infotropic Media

I only got very positive feed-back from everyone. Not only your story telling also your thoughtful style is very inspiring. My team and myself enjoyed your speech and also the opportunity for further discussion afterwards and at dinner. It gave a lot of food for thought for ourselves, not only for business but also for private situations. Thanks for that!

– Sebastian Mertens, Region Leader at GE Wind Energy

Cathy held a motivational speech on Wirecard Exchange Day, an exclusive VIP event with plus 150 guests. It was a pleasure working with Cathy! She is very professional and it was easy from the beginning to synch with her, connecting with Cathy in person when discussing topics and disposition of the speech to make it fit our audience.

The performance was brilliant with great storytelling, emotions and motivation involving the audience in the speech using interactive elements.

– Jennie Johansson Carnhamre, Senior Marketing Manager at Wirecard AG

I have hired over 250 speakers for corporate clients’ events globally. When it comes to finding authentic content with metaphors and tangible evidence of lessons for individual teams and leaders there are few better than Cathy.

When it comes to inspirational delivery and a room full of leaders where you can hear a pin drop as she shares her story you know you have a hit on your hands. A joy to work with. Spot on timing as agreed. Wonderful visual support. Superb. The end !!

– Ronnie Stronge, Chairman of Stronge Communications Ltd

I asked Cathy to provide a keynote speech at our company’s most important annual meeting. Her presentation was very enlightening, emphasising teamwork, tenacity and drive to match the theme. It was the highest rated presentation at this event over 7 years and greatly appreciated by our team. Cathy ensured she was available to all delegates throughout the day and this added considerable additional value.

Many members of staff mentioned they were going to buy her book, ‘Just for the Love of It’ but I decided to buy a copy for every person in the company. Truly inspirational.

– Steve Hughes, President & CEO at Aspect Enterprise Solutions

We asked Cathy to talk to our Leadership Team at a global conference. Cathy was very thorough, with pre-meetings to understand our business and exactly what we were looking for. Cathy took the time to be with the team before her talk and this was really valuable.

Cathy held the audience from start to finish and it really spoke to our challenges as a team – she was an inspiration! Her ability to talk to such a global audience with enough for all of the different nationalities present was also truly impressive.

– Stephen Dalton, VP Sealed Air

Cathy has now been invited to speak at 2 events that I have been involved in. She is the consummate professional and has a unique way of capturing the attention of the audience with her own style of storytelling.

Her experiences – incredible in their own right – provide a strong message in addressing areas of team work, planning, overcoming obstacles and ultimately success in the face of adversity.

– Mike Reilly, VP HR EMEA Wyndham Hotel Group

Cathy gave an energetic and inspirational speech at our customer dinner held in Windsor. Cathy takes you on a roller coaster of emotions whilst highlighting the key topics agreed such as how to motivate and lead a team.

Cathy is extremely professional and joined in with our dinner that night, making herself available for questions. I would have no hesitation on hiring Cathy again for another function.

– Kelly Hubbard, Communications Manager at DHL Freight UK

Cathy – It was wonderful to have you join us for our Leadership Symposium. You are a remarkable lady with many remarkable gifts, and public speaking is one of those many gifts. You wowed us all with your adventures and how you tied your learnings into key leadership principles.

I was sitting next to one of our leaders from Italy who told me afterwards that yours was the most inspirational speech he had ever heard in his life! And I had to agree with him.

– George Wofford, VP Sealed Air

Cathy took us on an emotional roller-coaster ride through her first hard core mountaineering experience up Everest and left some 100 manager/engineers from 12 countries and 3 continents exhausted but highly motivated by the experience.

Well delivered, the speech contained all the allegories and metaphors we had agreed together on themes such as: safety, objectives, team work, adversity, change, etc. Highly recommended.”

– Alain Wormser, Operations at Enel Green Power

Thank you so much for your dynamic delivery of “Reach for the Heights” at our R&D Symposium. Your speech was much talked about the following day by all in attendance – all extremely positive!

The group not only received key take-a-ways points of high performance teamwork and dedication for the business, but also points that can inspire in us in our everyday lives. Your delivery, audience capture, and content was incredible.

– Tina Honeycutt, Senior Administrative Assistant at Sealed Air

Cathy is an extraordinary speaker who leaves a lasting impression on her audience. Very inspiring and motivating.

– Annette Gerling, Senior Director at Center for Strategy and Higher Leadership

Cathy has an exceptional way of getting a message across which links her experience of extreme mountain climbing in a team to, in this instance, the project team of technical R&D projects.

The examples and lessons learns are pictured so lively and excellent that it makes the whole lesson to learn from it very vivid and real. The lecture she gave was inspirational and a guide to how to get the best out of project teams.

– Arnoud Gengler, Executive Director at Sealed Air

Cathy is a superb speaker and a hard act to follow – which can make life a little difficult for me and my clients who engage her for their events. But I never hesitate to recommend Cathy O’Dowd when a client is looking for an inspirational, honest, exciting, fun and ‘easy to work with’ speaker, who will leave the audience on a huge high. She’s just great to work with!”

– Eithne Jones, Owner of Speaker Ideas

Cathy was very helpful, she adapted to our brief and delivered a very engaging speech, making a parallel between escalating the world’s highest peak and the business world. Her speech was so well received by the audience that her performance was applauded for minutes and after her speech there was a huge line of people who wanted to take pictures with her.

– Andreea Siretchi, Project Manager at Universum Events

I invited Cathy to Microsoft Summit, the biggest business and technology conference in Romania. Cathy’s one hour presentation was highly appreciated by the audience, and her speech was rated in top 10 out of 58 sessions of the entire conference.

– Andra Calin, Central Marketing Lead at Microsoft Romania
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