Adventures and Reflections from Cathy O'Dowd

Adventures & Reflections
from Cathy O'Dowd

2012 was primarily the year of the Nanga Parbat Mazeno ridge expedition. From the invitation from Sandy Allan to join the team, back in January, to the expedition itself in June/July with all the uncertainty and the final success of Sandy Allan and Rick Allen standing on the summit, to all the media articles that followed in the second half of the year, 2012 was all about a new route on the world’s 9th highest peak.

The most comprehensive articles to be published to date are in Vertical (Edition 38, Nov/Dec12), written by myself, and available in English, German, French or Italian, and in Desnivel (No. 317, Dic12), written by myself and Rick Allen, in Spanish.

My primary sponsor, MoraBanc, kindly produced the following video about the ascent, using photos and video footage taken by the team on the mountain. Thanks to them for all their support.

Photographs from the expedition can be viewed at my Flickr page.

I will be giving an illustrated talk about the expedition as part of the Cicle de Cinema de Muntanya 2013 in Andorra. Wed 6 March in the evening, time and place to be confirmed. The talk will be in Spanish.

And as for 2013 projects, well, that’s a work in progress but a ski-crossing of the Northern Patagonia Ice-field is looking promising.

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