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Join the adventure with Cathy O’Dowd

Cathy O’Dowd’s presentations combine adventure, drama, failure and success, sharing with you lessons learnt from some of the world’s most spectacular challenges. Browse through clips from her speeches and adventures below.


Summit day on Everest

Climbing up to the North Col of Everest

Climbing Everest North Ridge

A video made by a friend and me to celebrate a day of marvellous powder skiing through the trees at the Arcalis ski resort. Feb 2012.

This is the eastern loop of Cavalls de Vent, a fantastick hiking/running trail that takes you through the Cadí-Moixeró natural park in Catalonia, Spain

Corporate presentations on Leadership, Teamwork & Project Execution

Cathy also presents in Spanish – Ella intercala las aventuras de la escalada con el desafío metafórico de alcanzar la cumbre del éxito, compartiendo sus historias de reto, aventura, pasión por la vida y la realidad de la muerte. Más información aquí

Doing remote presentations:
Cathy O’Dowd was one of the speakers at the Women’s Leadership & Adventure Summit 2013 in Colorado, but was unable to attend, so sent them the following video, to share with them some ideas about being a woman in the still male-dominated world of wilderness adventure.

Cathy considers the various obstacles a team will encounter on the slope of Everest and focuses on the most important of all: your own team. An extract from a corporate talk for the Sonae Group.

Cathy describes the moment she reached the summit of the world for the first time and the most important lesson that she learnt from her success. An extract from a corporate presentation to Dow Chemicals.

Extracts from Cathy O’Dowd’s speech, looking at the 1st ascent of Nanga Parbat via the Mazeno ridge as a case study in the challenges of attempting things that have never been done before. Given at the National Convention of the Professional Speaking Association.

Cathy talks about the difficulty of getting ambitious team members to cooperate. An extract from a corporate presentation to Sony.

South African President Nelson Mandela inspires the Everest team to try again after a killer storm. Cathy looks at how recognition is a key tool in effective motivation. An extract from a corporate talk for Royal Bank of Scotland.

Cathy talks about the challenge of climbing the final ridge to the summit of Everest. The real difficulty lies not with the ridge but in our own heads. An extract from a corporate presentation to Novartis.

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