Adventurer and keynote speaker Cathy O’Dowd helps businesses discover the obstacles that can defeat teams and learn key tools that will help them reach the top.

Cathy O’Dowd tackled the slopes of the world’s highest mountain four times, and reached its summit twice, becoming the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both sides.

A mountain where every step has to be taken alone, but where nevertheless your life rests in the hands of your team-mates, is a striking example of the power of personal motivation combined with the strength of teamwork.

Choice of languages : Cathy can present in English or Spanish.

Give your conference an Everest theme

Fighting your way to the summit of a giant mountain, camp by camp, step by step, is the classic metaphor for tackling a big challenge. Build the conference around the mountain, culminating in Cathy O’Dowd’s keynote address.

  • Photographs: use them in event invitations, PowerPoint background, conference posters, agendas, menus, etc. Available as high-resolution scans.
  • Video: mix genuine Everest footage with company presentations. Or Cathy can make a teaser video for you to share on social media before the event.
  • Equipment: build a mountain base camp in the foyer, dress a mannequin in Cathy O’Dowd’s Everest summit suit!

All photographs, video and equipment are provided at no extra cost.

Order Cathy’s book, Just for the Love of It, as a conference gift!

A handsome book that makes a memorable conference gift. A custom print run can be done which includes a personalized flyleaf and the company on the cover. (Books also available in German: Aus Liebe Zum Berg)

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