‘What are you doing next?’


“What are you doing next?” I hate that question. I know why you ask. I’ve asked it myself, talking to climbers or adventurers I admire, and winced inwardly as I [...]

‘What are you doing next?’2020-05-23T20:36:46+02:00

30 years & counting


We had reached the short section of fixed rope below the Lower Saddle in the Grand Tetons when the youngster caught up with us. He had a huge rucksack and [...]

30 years & counting2020-04-27T21:15:44+02:00

From Kilimanjaro to Everest


Key moments in the journey of life. Looking back at the course of a lifetime, there are certain moments where, if you’d made a different choice, you’d be living [...]

From Kilimanjaro to Everest2020-05-23T16:35:19+02:00

The Art and Joy of Serendipity


Why the power of serendipity means you should focus on gaining skills and experiences, rather than achieving goals. Mountain climbing would seem to be the ultimate goal-driven activity, everything resting on [...]

The Art and Joy of Serendipity2020-05-18T18:09:50+02:00