Access All Areas


Is it right to demand that everyone have access to all of the great outdoors? I am often asked how I feel about the photographs of queues on Everest. The [...]

Access All Areas2022-01-12T16:56:17+01:00

Kayak Greenland: third time lucky?


Third time lucky? Postponed for the second summer in a row, due to Covid travel restrictions on entry into Greenland. We have again booked flights for summer 2022..... fingers [...]

Kayak Greenland: third time lucky?2022-01-10T17:59:06+01:00

‘What are you doing next?’


“What are you doing next?” I hate that question. I know why you ask. I’ve asked it myself, talking to climbers or adventurers I admire, and winced inwardly as I [...]

‘What are you doing next?’2020-05-23T20:36:46+02:00

Not all adventurers are born equal


There is a fashion right now for blog posts telling you that your dream/adventure/expedition is totally possible. Just Do It! Throw your fears to the wind! Believe in yourself! Stop [...]

Not all adventurers are born equal2020-04-30T20:07:13+02:00
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