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One Key Way Communication Breaks Down In Teams and What You Can Do About It A year ago I reached the summit of Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada. The most important lesson I learnt from that expedition was the vital importance of clear communication within a team. “I know you think you understand […]

This comes from an interview I did with a Dutch journalist about learnings from my Everest experience. I have read in other interviews that you think to a certain extent some of the success factors, and the learnings from climbing Everest, can be transferred to the corporate world, and to reach other goals people set […]

An interview with a Dutch journalist about aspects of my Everest experience. Can you share three notable things about the room in your flat where you were sat in November 1995 when you read that women were being sought to join the next expedition to climb Mount Everest? 
It was more like a terraced house […]