‘What are you doing next?’


“What are you doing next?” I hate that question. I know why you ask. I’ve asked it myself, talking to climbers or adventurers I admire, and winced inwardly as I [...]

‘What are you doing next?’2020-05-23T20:36:46+02:00

From Kilimanjaro to Everest


Key moments in the journey of life. Looking back at the course of a lifetime, there are certain moments where, if you’d made a different choice, you’d be living [...]

From Kilimanjaro to Everest2020-05-23T16:35:19+02:00

Bolivian Andes Corderilla Real


In June 1991 I joined the Mountain Club of South Africa's Centenary Expedition to the Corderilla Real in Bolivia. There I climbed with Stephen Kelsey and Graham Wittaker, both [...]

Bolivian Andes Corderilla Real2020-05-17T16:40:46+02:00

En route to Everest via Aconcagua


In February 1998 I attempted Aconcagua by the standard route but turned back at Berlin camp to help less experienced team members descend in bad weather. In January 2000 [...]

En route to Everest via Aconcagua2020-05-17T15:54:06+02:00

Why take the risk?


In January of 1992 I was sharing a flat in London with Stephen Kelsey, Graham Wittaker and his girlfriend Carolyn. On the wall of our room I found a [...]

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