I have the honour to notify you that the National Assembly on 30 May 1996 adopted the following Resolution: That the House

(1) recognises that there is nothing more terrifying and awe-inspiring than human beings pitting themselves against Nature at its harshest extremities, in its loneliest places, overcoming blizzards and storms, scaling vertical cliffs in howling, icy winds, manifesting in failure, death or triumph, the indomitable human spirit pushing us to reach to the outer limits of our knowledge and understanding;

(2) takes cognisance of the fact that –
(a) some of those who attempted to take the South African flag to the very summit of the world paid with their lives;
(b) Ian Woodall and Cathy O’Dowd overcame great perils to reach the summit; and
(c) Cathy O’Dowd joins illustrious women in South Africa who are demonstrating that women have come into their own and are contributing to the many glories achieved by our nation;

(3) while lamenting the fact that some of the team of climbers paid with their lives in setting steep challenges for themselves, pays due credit to the others who overcame great peril to achieve a great triumph in adversity; and

(4) congratulates Cathy O’Dowd and our country South Africa!