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Four years ago Darren Tate, a family friend, had a major heart attack while out hiking on Blencathra in Cumbria. He was lucky to survive through the night, until he could be treated the next morning. Young, fit and active, Darren was completely unaware he had a heart defect. Under the name Hearts of Cumbria, […]

and why super-star hires can be an expensive mistake In a culture that worships success, failed projects normally just sink out of sight, vanishing without explanation. One prematurely terminated adventure project recently caught my eye, because the honest analysis of the failure echoed my own experience from my first Everest expedition.

I love ebooks. The idea that I can disappear for a week-long ski-tour or a two-month long Himalayan expedition and just tuck a Kindle into my rucksack, a device the size of a paperback that can contain a 1000 books, one for every mood and every occasion, recharged infrequently thanks to a solar panel and […]

“I know you are going to succeed.” The thing about camp two on Everest – at least back in the day when there were only 11 teams up there rather than 50 – is that it is a pretty boring place to hang out. There not a lot to do, or to see.

News that a group of Sherpas attacked three climbers, two of who are current international superstars in the mountaineering world, began to wash across my FaceBook feed yesterday and the flood shows little sign of easing today. Simone Moro and Ulli Steck hoped to attempt something – it is not entirely clear what as they’ve […]